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Alternative markets, alternative thinking. Achieve a better level of return and a higher level of stability.


Often seen as a ‘safe haven’ in volatile times and offering protection against inflation, commodities are the raw products that industry and society rely on.

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Underpinned by a physical asset, property investment returns may be generated either through rental income, the future resale value of the property, or both.

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Fixed income

Offering investors an agreed fix level income, at specified intervals, for a specified investment term.

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Private equity

Limited offer opportunities to invest directly into, often innovative enterprises, pre open market listing or offering.

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Investor services

Offering innovative investment programmes and opportunities combined with service levels that stand out from traditional investment advisors.

Our aim is to provide in-depth insight to our network of investors, as to where high-level investors are currently focused, as well as to provide access to solutions and services, which assist in wealth preservation and growth.

It is no secret that the world of investments is fast-moving and we believe that standing still would be a disservice to those that place their trust in us. We are intensely focused on performing at the highest level, finding the best balance of risk and return, and creating to correct environment for our investors.

It is not only our investment opportunities that stand out from others; RG Financial is fully committed to providing the highest standard of service. We aim to build close working relationships with clients by bringing unique, bespoke opportunities, and delivering outstanding support to make investing easy and trouble-free.

We aim to help achieve the desired investment returns by providing the tools and information our clients require to make well informed investment decisions.

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